ʺWhen I Get Olderʺ...Past, Present & Future
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Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 10
Future Friendly School Values:
  Global Citizenship

Students developed global digital stories sharing their journey from their native country to Canada. They presented advice and a message to the world and future new Canadians, their peers and family members.

Students choose symbols/pictures that represent them in their home and native countries. Students developed advice that they would give to new Candians based on their own immigration experiences. Students had an opportunity to project and create their own personal goals for their future hopes and dreams.

Project was based on K'naan's Story behind the famous "Wavin' Flag" song.


Students have learned how to express their voice and message to the world about life as a new Canadian.

Additionally, they have learned how to navigate software and digital programs that were not accessible to some students in their native countries


Explored personalized learning and its relationship to global citizenship. Developing and creating a curriculum project that had clear learning goals/ objectives and success criteria.

Students developed the skills required for collaborative learning.

Students have the opportunity to globally connect with their family, friends and peers from their native countries as they tell their stories and give advice to future Canadians.

Exploration of life in Canada, and future goals and connections to the world.


Other classes can create their own personalized stories in countries all around the world and share with schools and students. Students with limited English language skills can create digital stories to express their voice and cultural experiences of life in their conutry.

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