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Welcome to the Marine Jungle
Related Subjects:
Biology , Environmental Science , Environmental Studies
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 10 , Grade / Year 11 , Grade / Year 12 , Grade / Year 2 , Grade / Year 3 , Grade / Year 4 , Grade / Year 5 , Grade / Year 6 , Grade / Year 7 , Grade / Year 8 , Grade / Year 9
Future Friendly School Values:
  Environmental Stewardship

Deep in the jungle of South America there is the Amazon River, home to a wide diversity of fresh water marine life. Set in front of a Flooded River ecosystem, students will be amazed and engaged in this unique program all about what lives in tropical fresh water. Living in tropical fresh water is no easy feat, and in this program will focus on the challenges a fish faces when living in tropical fresh water. From Piranhas to Caimans, students will discuss the most renowned species known for tropical rivers, as well as some species they may never have heard of before. In the end students will be engage in a discussion of how the tropical freshwaters have impacted human life, and how humans in turn have affected the rivers. Any questions the students have can be answered by the marine educator, who will guide them on this adventure through the flooded river of the Amazon.