Water-Slow the Flow, every drop matters!
Related Subjects:
English / Language Arts , Environmental Science , Environmental Studies , Geography , Visual Arts
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 6 , Grade / Year 7 , Grade / Year 8

Students will prepare placards on 'Save Water' and will prepare video reading the slogans to spread awareness among people about the importance of water and the methods to conserve it. Videos will be shared on face book.  Posters will be displayed on the school boards for the gallery walk changed online pictures shared to the other students to develop the sense of responsibility towards nature. 

Assembly: Special assembly prepared by the language teachers and presented by the students would sensitize the school on the issue. Video of assembly will be shared in other online classes. 

Research and Analysis Students will research on the water crisis in various countries  and prepare a journal with the details about India and the other countries. Journal will include the reasons of water crisis and the methods to overcome it. They will also compare the usage of water in said countries and will prepare a graph. They will share it with the teacher either email or picture. Our Teacher  will share the research and analysis activity with the partner school teachers. The partner school teachers will guide the partner school students to prepare a journal with the details about their country . Skype session: Students will discuss about their learning. They understand about the water crisis and the methods to conserve it with the partner school.

Both the partner school students will understand the functioning of water techniques and its significance. A concept check worksheet will be shared with the partner school to assess their learning.

Project Work: Student make a detailed study of water conservation techniques used in the countries- and present a project work in online class.

Blog Creation: Students will create a blog to create awareness about the severity water crisis in different parts of the world and the methods to overcome it, they will share their views with the partner school.

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Yes we need partner schools to collaborate so as to give the best learning to our children.I am posting some work of my children for reference.

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