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Up Close and Paleo
Related Subjects:
Earth Science
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 10 , Grade / Year 5 , Grade / Year 6 , Grade / Year 7 , Grade / Year 8 , Grade / Year 9
Future Friendly School Values:
  Environmental Stewardship

Ask an expert! This unique program, hosted by a Science Educator, offers students the opportunity to interact with one of our world-renowned palaeontologists. Students are encouraged to ask curriculum-based questions, engage in discussions with our scientists, and find out the latest in palaeontology directly from those actually conducting the research! The program begins with an introduction to the palaeontologist and palaeontology. Then the students get a chance to identify some fossils from our collection and learn a little bit more about the palaeontologist’s field of study. Lastly, we'll take students' questions and the palaeontologist’s response may include supplemental multimedia (i.e. video, animation, images).