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The four reflections
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Environmental Science
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 Hi people from all around the world!

We are going to share our experience in this workshop with you.

We started off with a rough idea of what we were going to do for the final project.

We looked at artworks from all around the world to get inspiration for what we could do.

We narrowed it down to four major identities of our city with the help of Ms. Madhumita Shrivastav, an architect and visual artist.

They are noise, congestion, space and traffic.

So we have divided ourselves into four groups and each of the four has taken one topic.

  1. Join us on a train journey to know the stories and experiences of the passengers.
  2. Feel the strange excitement and curiosity felt by  a pickpocket  about what they could find in their victim's  pocket.
  3. Experience the daily musical orchestra that every Mumbaikar faces when they step out.
  4. Overcome the hurdles that we face everyday on our way to work.

We are going to display our self portraits, world heritage collages, community model and of course our final projects!

We would love to see you here on the 23rd of August, at The Hive in Khar West!