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The Crayon Project
Related Subjects:
Leadership , Life Skills , Visual Arts , Working With Others
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Pre-school / Junior Kindergarden

During the last weeks we have been talking about how can we help our community. We brainstormed lots of ideas and came up with “The Crayon Project”. Our social innovation program is simple and we are very excited to help others in need. We will be collecting old crayons to melt and create new ones, which will be given to a low-income school.

I believe that kids can be philanthropists from a very young age, and giving them the empowerment and decisions over how to help other people in the community will stay with them forever. Students will collect old crayons from home to bring back to school so we can sort them and have them ready to be up-cycled. 

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The Crayon Project

We will have another classroom of the same age of the students to collaborate on a this project. We will have a final product for both schools to do in a partnership. We are thinking on two murals one for our school and one for their school. They will not just be helping each other, they will be learning from one another.

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