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English / Language Arts , Environmental Studies , Geography , Media Literacy , Science
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Grade / Year 8

Have you ever wondered what a world without trees would look like? Close your eyes, and try to imagine a deserted Earth. Trees are a crucial factor to our existence not only because they produce a variety of products, but also for much more and because of deforestation this seemingly distant and alarming future is nearing closer every day. If our species survived the devastation of deforestation, life as we know it would be very different in the next 100 years! Deforestation awareness will be taken into consideration by the public through our innovative booklet with plenty of information. Our booklet will aware our modern-day society of this inferior issue in ways which will enlighten their thoughts and passion towards deforestation prevention. Currently, we have organized visual posters, technological pieces, websites, campaigns, social media sites, flyers a website and much more ways to reach out to the public. We have planted trees in our community parks and involved children and adults in that process of jubilation. When the public notices our innovate visions and designs, many will overcome the thoughts of deforestation being a minuscule issue. We have also contacted Greenpeace and WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) for their input on this topic but unfortunately, they were not available the time being, thus we will take action on their behalf.

We have our prime goals targetted and are following a quote with a million meanings: "Which way does a tree fall? A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean.- The Lorax. The thought of this quote is very perplexing but with plenty of thought, it will be taken into consideration within little time.

Overall deforestation is a radical issue which must be dealt within an appropriate time frame before Earth is brought to its doom. We must put an end to this affair and must be the ones to come together to sustain our bright future which will be sustained only by preventing deforestation.



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Grade 8 discussing various social issues in group.

Our project is open to all classrooms, organizations and communities reason being that deforestation must be taken into consideration by all of our society. We will promote deforestation and eventually our society will come to thought of planting trees, recycling and saving paper. We want communities all over the world to come together through social media, our flyers and other communication methods to enforce deforestation as abhorrent matter. We have approached WWF and Greenpeace and sooner or later we will contact them with our original ideas and solutions to prevent deforestation. They are currently doing lots for the prevention but with more help will be additionally sustainable for our future.

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