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Related Subjects:
Environmental Studies
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 1 , Grade / Year 2 , Senior Kindergarden
Future Friendly School Values:
  Global Citizenship

● The Recycling video segments show how recycling and using renewable resources can help protect our environment. https://app.discoveryeducation...

● The recycling videos and projects would be most appropriately taught in K-2 Elementary Science classes.

● Going forward with educating students about earth day I would contact discovery education since they offer a wide range of resources that pertain to the topic. If Discovery Education was not able to speak to the matter I would contact New York State Environmental Conservation. I think it would be greatly beneficial to invite sanitation to speak to the students.

● Before the students attend the conference I would ask the students if they have seen the recycling sign, or bin anywhere in their school, home or environment. If so, do they know what the sign means? If not I would be sure to explain what recycling is and how we could help our environment thoroughly. I would also ask the class if they have ever noticed garbage trucks picking up their garbage on a weekly basis. Along with that, I would show students a short video segment that shows the disposing of trash. I would ask the students to think about the items that they throw away on a daily basis. Discuss with the class if they use a recycling bin at home and if so what do they put in the recycling bin.https://app.discoveryeducation...

● Taking the recycling project to another level I would have the students contact other students around the world. It would be a great opportunity for students to have pen pals from students around the world. This will allow the students to see firsthand how recycling or the lack of recycling affects the whole world.

● Another great experience for my class would be to attend a field trip that provides firsthand experience and knowledge about recycling. The link shown below provides a great list and outline of educational establishments, which allow students outstanding educational opportunities. I would allow the students to view various recycling establishments and choose the place they wish to attend for a field trip. Once the class has collectively agreed on a place to attend I would have the students research the place to understand what they do and how there directly affects recycling and the world we live in.

● After we have completed the conferences, activities and videos I would have the class create a recycling collection for the other classes. The students will create a flyer stating that our class will be completing a recycling collection on a weekly basis. We will ask each class to put their recyclables to the side and my class and I will pick them up on a weekly basis before lunch. Collecting the recyclables on a weekly bases will remind the students the importance of protecting our environment.

● I will assess each student’s participation by having each student prepare 2 questions prior to our conference. Along with that, I will review the student’s letters to and from their pen pals around the world.

Project Attachments

Student Flyer Rubric

Recycling Flyer Example



Inviting other students to participate in knowing the importance of recycling would be a great school effort to help make a change.

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