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Rebranding School Identity to Improve Staff and Student Engagement
Related Subjects:
Art Connections , English / Language Arts , Environmental Studies , Extra-Curricular , Physical Education , Theatre/Drama , Thinking and Reasoning , Working With Others
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 1 , Grade / Year 2 , Grade / Year 3 , Grade / Year 4 , Grade / Year 5 , Grade / Year 6 , Pre-school / Junior Kindergarden , Senior Kindergarden

After several years of school administration and staff changes, H.A. Halbert Jr. Public School lost its MOJO! The MaRS project has provided a framework for Halbert to get back on track with a focus on rebranding the school identity in the following areas: developing a strong ECO Schools program, classroom level projects to inspire entrepreneurial thinking and student engagement and finally, a concentrated effort to harness a collegial spirit of professional development around technology. With this new vision in place, we are well on our way to creating a positive learning environment that will connect all stakeholders and ultimately improve student achievement!



- Eco Schools Initiative

- Eco Mural and Virtual Forest

- Spirit Assemblies

School Wide Spirit-Building

- Halbert Post Office (School street signs, K-6 Letter writing campaign)

- PEP - Personal Enrichment Program (5 week, student-chosen, activity. Teachers teaching grades they don't normally teach)

Entrepreneurial Thinking

- Mash-Up Toys - cross grade learning buddies make mash up of their favourite toys.


The Carbon Farmer Initiative is something other schools could join us on and we could have a TDSB response to carbon footprint. We have the goal of planting one tree per child each year in order to reduce carbon footprint and teach environmental stewardship. It also brings our groups together in a friendly competition around planting trees and having school spirit that is linked to our identity as an Eco School.

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