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Plastic Poison
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This project was started in collaboration with the 3rd and 6th grades at St. Michael's Country Day School. We made a video, and counted the amount of cups that our school went through in a month. The students were shocked at the number of cups used: 1,276. We have decided to recycle the used cups by making artwork using them, and plan to present it to our school during Earth Week, along with our Plastic Poison video. We have brought our cause to City Hall to try to ban plastic bag use in supermarkets and we are excited to announce that it has passed the first stage. This action was very inspirational for my 3rd grade students, so we sent letters to our School's headmaster and we now only use paper cups.

From all the plastic cups the third grade collected, we decided to build a sculpture.  When we started the construction we had some complications, so we brainstorm and have to change our idea.  

IMG_3190 from Lorie Loughborough on Vimeo.

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Plastic Poison

We would love other classes to join our efforts and be inspired to stop using plastic products such as cups and bags in an effort to save our oceans and food chain.

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