Paint As Decoration Of Our Lifestyle
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Grade / Year 2 , Grade / Year 5 , Grade / Year 7
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  Student Voice

Hello, I am an amateur artist: I paint clothes, walls in houses (I draw graphics artworks inside houses and apartments), and I draw portraits of my friends and acquaintances.

On the clothes, I paint with special acrylic paints, so that the fabric can then be washed.

Speaking about the walls - firstly I cover the walls with a base (primer) using the paint sprayer, then apply the pattern with brushes using a waterproof acrylic. The last step is to cover the entire picture with a special lacquer.

I mostly draw portraits with a pencil, very rarely with paints. I like not just to redraw a person, but to add to it something fantastic - horns, wings, tails, unusual ears. Simply put, I paint portraits of people as if they looked like they were a fantastic creature. 

As a full-time job, I am a writer. Here you can find some of my articles. 

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