Keep Calm and Code like a Girl
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Future Friendly School Values:
  Student Voice

In 2017, only 24% of Computer Scientists were women. This is a shocking number because that means that the world of technology is run by men. The jobs in the future revolve around technology and this becomes a chilling discovery that girls are are not at the leaderboard of it. In todays age, we are all about gender equality and shattering that glass ceiling and proving that women are a force to be reckoned with. Why isnt this evident in the world of technology? It is amazing to see that there are so many organizations, programs, leaders and schools that are empowering our girls to take on the challenge of coding like a girl. By learning to code, girls can help write our future. Coding is a form of literacy and with that you can create websites, video games, edit youtube videos, become a vlogger/blogger, programming a robot, create your own graphic design or even write up code to print out a life saving tool. 

In this conference, students will have the opportunity to speak with (ideally) 2 CEO’s who have paved the way for girl coders. The will speak to Women CEO’s and will have questions prepared beforehand to ask these women; in these questions students will be asking the CEO’s how they are able to empower girls to take on the role of a coder. Students will be using information gained from the two women and will be  given a project they will complete after the presentation. I would ideally like for the group to be mainly girls, but I think it says something if there are a few boys present. I think having boys in the club will allow for competition and give the girls a little extra drive to succeed. In the real world it is very challenging to find a single-sex job environment, so having a co-ed workplace for these students will give girls the chance to experience that sense of competition, which in turn will follow them through their lives. 

Using their creative brains, the students will be taking what they obtained from the speakers and will begin thinking about how they can make an impact on the future. Students will be using makey makeys and written code for a project of their choosing. 

Students will be assessed based off of their ability to use the materials and follow through with a written code. As far as a formal assessment, students will perform their acts/projects and the students will peer review it in a glow and grow assessment. 

CEO of Girls Who Code: Reshma Saujani

CEO of Girl Develop It!: Vanessa Hurst