Income Taxes
Related Subjects:
Business Education
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 11
Future Friendly School Values:
  Global Citizenship

Project Goals: What were the learning objectives? The motivation for choosing the topic is a timely one, during March and April we hear ads on the radio articles in the newspapers about tax preparation and since I teach accounting I wanted to connect the topic to curriculum, the enthusiasm the students displayed when the subject was presented I found it promising.


Module 1 - Basics of taxation

Introduction to Module 1

What are taxes?

How is tax revenue spent?

Canada's tax system

History of taxes

Common Canadian taxes

Module 1 - True or false quiz

Module 2 - The tax-filing process

What the Canada Revenue Agency does

Where can you get information about taxes?

Do you have to file a return?

How do you file a return?

After you file

Electronic services

Module 2 - True or false quiz

Module 3 - Roles and responsibilities

Taxpayer responsibilities

Taxpayer rights

Taxpayer relief provisions

Compliance with tax laws

Module 3 - True or false quiz


The Final project.


Classes in Career Education can collaborate or use the lesson plan.

The goal of the final project is to inform our students about Tax rate comparison and deficit challenges faced globally.

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