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Human Impact on Wetland Ecosystems
Related Subjects:
Environmental Science , Environmental Studies
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 10 , Grade / Year 4 , Grade / Year 5 , Grade / Year 6 , Grade / Year 7 , Grade / Year 8 , Grade / Year 9
Future Friendly School Values:
  Environmental Stewardship

When you go for a walk in a forest, meadow or wetland, is it the same as it was 100 years ago? Probably not. With the help of Google Earth and GPS coordinates, we'll locate the stressors on Cootes Paradise Marsh (Class 1 Wetland) to discover how the interrelationships of the vegetation, water quality and wildlife have been affected. Can you suggest ways to help restore this wetland? We'll investigate what the Royal Botanical Gardens doing to conserve and preserve these wetlands.