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Give H20 Campaign
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Arts and Communication , English / Language Arts , Geography , Global Studies , Interdisciplinary Studies , Social Studies , Technology and Skilled Trades
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 4

Each year our fourth grade students do a large unit study on the continent of Africa. Within this unit, each student chooses a country to study in depth. During this study, we select a social innovation project to support. Past organizations have been Flying Kites, Heifer International, Universal Promise, and this year we discovered the HippoRoller thanks to a coworker, and the students were very interested in it. They were excited about it and found it to be "cool." They chose this product to center our fundraising around. The students brainstorm ideas for fundraisers, create posters for events, write pitches/ proposals, and present at school assemblies to educate their peers on the issue, and garner further support across the school. The plan, goal, information, and purpose were all written by the students. We created an adobe spark page to "pitch" our idea to the School Administration, and hope to use it in our fundraising efforts as well. 

Please visit our Adobe Spark page for more information about our plan!


Our plan is to have four fundraising events. We would like to have two Dress Down Days because we have noticed from past experiences that they have gotten a lot of student support, and would allow us to purchase at least two rollers. Next, we would like to have a Faculty vs. Student Kickball Game. We plan to charge $2 to watch the game, and $5 for students to participate in playing. During the game we hope to have a lemonade stand and charge $1 for refreshments. Our goal for this event is to raise enough money to buy one more roller.

Once a week at home soccer games we would like to have a lemonade stand. We hope to raise enough money through these stands to buy one more Hippo Roller. We will hand out flyers at the stand to give people information about our cause and why they’re buying lemonade. Lastly, for people who can’t attend our fundraisers, we will partner with Hippo Roller to create a fundraising page that people can donate to. Using this page, people can support our purchasing of the Hippo Rollers even if they live far away. 

During recess, we will have a "Water Walking" challenge to spread awareness to students in other grades. We hope that this will encourage them to be empathetic to the situation that many Africans face when having to get water. 

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Join the Hippo Roller crowd!

Yes! More classes getting involved in the fundraising efforts and spreading the word about the project to get donors interested. Creating more community networks.

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