Hazardous Cargo
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  Human Rights
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Grade / Year 10 , Grade / Year 11 , Grade / Year 12 , Grade / Year 9
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  Global Citizenship

Our project is based on international concern regarding the transport of hazardous substances such as Bakken Crude Oil yards from residential areas and public locations by Canadian National and other railways.

Explosions caused by Bakken Crude Oil have been compared to that of an atomic bomb. Fires from these explosions are known to emit fireballs and release toxic fumes causing shock, convulsions, comma, and death within two breaths. Trains consist of 100+ cars and travel as frequently as 20+ times a day. CN trains are documented to derail an average of over 5 times a day.

Related issues include the fracking and storage of crude oil.

View Rachel Maddow's "Bomb Train" report:




The following 60 Minute report asserts the U.S. has more oil available than two Saudi Arabias put together:


Congress can’t seem to pass a bill approving the Keystone XL Pipeline, despite evidence that the pipeline has not killed anyone:



Who needs to get involved to solve the problem?

• community activists

• local community leaders

• city leaders

• state leaders

• national leaders

• international leaders

• oil companies

• railroads

• citizen advocate lawyers

• environmental agencies


1. To raise public awareness as it pertains to the issues of the transport, storage, and fracking of crude oil.

2. To change federal legislation in such a manner as to protect public health and safety from the imminent threat caused by the transport, storage, and fracking of crude oil.





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Classrooms in Canada, the United States, and Mexico are invited to collaborate on this project. Students will have the opportunity to recognize, advocate for, and collaboratively resolve a current threat to public health and safety that urgently requires immediate attention.

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