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Earth beat challenge
Related Subjects:
Advocacy , Leadership , Working With Others
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Future Friendly School Values:
  Environmental Stewardship
  Student Voice

An NGO called Stand Up Shout out that started out in Kenya but now works in multiple countries all over the world works to empower youth and encourage them to take action on injustices going on around them, they visit schools and have clubs in many schools around Kenya; one of them being our own. This year they are partnering with Team Environment Kenya to plant 10000 trees between the dates Nov 6 - 11 to tackle how much deforestation is going on in our country.

Furthermore, St Austins SUSO raised money to plant 50 extra trees at the end of this month. Planning such activities and taking part has so far showed us you dont need to be an adult to take action. You just need the facts, the right people and the right mentality.

The purpose of both events is to create awareness that the youth can play a role in the environment conservation in a fun way as well as why it is important for us to conserve our environment. The event hopes to inspire action through leading by example. The events catchy slag-line is "only when you are in the rhythm will you actually feel the earths beat, you can find it on social media platforms under the tags #GreenRhythmSUSO and #EarthBeat


We collaborated with the organization Stand Up Shout Out

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