Community Action Plan
Related Subjects:
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 6
Future Friendly School Values:
  Global Citizenship
  Student Voice

Working with students to examine real-world problems concerning "hunger" at the local, national and international levels. The final product: students created a multimedia presentation to advertise, educate and inform viewers about local problems concerning hunger in Toronto. Students also did bake sales or lemonade sales to raise money for local charities such as Daily Bread Food Bank, etc.

Also, in French, students are working on a 5 minute documentary film project. The subject of the documentary is a problem in the City of Toronto. Some topics include, traffic, smoking, light pollution, construction on Eglington,etc.


The students are finished with their multimedia presentations. Almost all of the groups have initiated some sort of community action- bake sale, lemonade stand, etc. The money these groups raise will go to a local Toronto charity that helps to combat hunger in our city. These organizations include: the Daily Bread, North York Harvest, etc.


Examining real-world problems and allowing the students to come up with the solutions. The students found ways on their own to try to help combat the problem of hunger in our city. They took the initative and did the work to raise amounts of money that varied from $50 to $270.