The Birds Are Coming to Ancaster PS!
Related Subjects:
Art Connections
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 2
Future Friendly School Values:
  Environmental Stewardship
  Student Voice

1. To continue to grow the Ancaster-Bombardier Children's Garden by inspiring student voice and environmental stewardship amongst our staff, students and community partners.

2. To provide the opportunity for learning to be a "permanent change" by starting with student interest and connecting with hands-on experiences.

3. Bring the K-5 curriculum to life through real-world application

4. Develop staff and student appreciation/skill of using digital documentation (iMovie, iPad) to assess, reflect and share the learning

5. To create a bird habitat in our school yard


-student voice decided the direction of our eco-initiative (bird habitat); last year's project was inspired by teachers

-students researched native bird species and habitat (kindergarten, Gr. 2/3)

-4/5 students measured area and perimeter of "no-mow zone" in response to the suggestions made to them by Eco-schools; used mapping skills and submitted their drawing to the facilities crew who installed a temporary fence

-3 classes designed and built a variety of bird feeders and successfully attracted new bird species

-entire school counted bird species on Earth Day and we entered our data on eBird

-students and teachers co-wrote 2 songs about birds which were performed for Music Monday

-school-wide Earth Day button competition brought in $1200 from Bombardier employees for native shrubs

-Unifor volunteers made bird house kits, helped us decorate our fence with woven art and painted bird habitat signs

-Bombardier donated 4 more planter boxes

-students and teachers collaboratively filmed and produced an iMovie documenting our bird project

-submitted the movie to the Planet In Focus UN World Environment Day Film Festival

-recorded 35 instances of transference of learning about birds outside of the original learning context


Our bird habitat has only just begun and we would appreciate more ideas about how to improve it!

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