Word Sharing
Related Subjects:
English / Language Arts , English as a Second Language , Life Skills , Working With Others
Social Issue:
  Peace & Conflict
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 1 , Grade / Year 10 , Grade / Year 11 , Grade / Year 12 , Grade / Year 2 , Grade / Year 3 , Grade / Year 4 , Grade / Year 5 , Grade / Year 6 , Grade / Year 7 , Grade / Year 8 , Grade / Year 9 , Senior Kindergarden
Future Friendly School Values:
  Global Citizenship
  Student Voice

Guiding question - what can we do to understand the perspective and challenges of refugee children as they join new communities?

This project is about understanding the meaning of words and how context and experience shapes the meaning of words. 

After reading Peter Reynold's Word Collector, students will each find or record a word that has meaning to them.  After collecting the words, the class will share a copy of their words with another classroom.  Both classrooms will use the words to create something (i.e. art, a word cloud, poetry, a story, a sculpture, performance art, translations, an ABC-style definitions book, illustrations, etc) then share back their project.  Class discussions about what they expected, what they received, how that was the same or different, etc leading to a discussion of context, bias, expectations, empathy, perspective, friendship, welcoming others, understanding others, etc. and how that might create or address peace and conflict.

Project Collaborators:

Yes! Classrooms to share their word lists.

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