Water Day
Related Subjects:
Earth Science , Environmental Studies
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 1 , Grade / Year 2 , Grade / Year 3 , Grade / Year 4 , Pre-school / Junior Kindergarden , Senior Kindergarden
Future Friendly School Values:
  Environmental Stewardship

To create community awareness of water consumption, conservation, implementation and importance of water through a whole school participation event called “WATER DAY”. There is also a fundraising effort to raise money to purchase “LifeStraws” for those who need it to survive especially youth and children in a third world country.


Created a media campaign about LifeStraw and how the students can help by donating and / or purchasing baked goods. Through PSAs and use of social media (twitter) students are made more aware – especially during WATER DAY May 15th event


Used one of the resources from the course (Commit to Act App) – to help families realize that they can make a commitment to make better choices with an environmental perspective (ie. Turn off tap when brushing, using reusable bottles, etc)