The Science Behind a Cold Pack
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Hello Guys,

Research Questions:

How do cold packs work?

In chemistry, what happens during an endothermic reaction?

Which substance cools off water the most: baking soda, sour salt, Morton Lite, washing soda, or a deicer?

Did you ever wonder what is inside of a cold pack? You can make a basic cold pack by mixing a salt (such as potassium chloride) or soda (such as baking soda) with water. Mixing the two creates a chemical reaction that uses up energy, which makes the mixture colder. You can see which substance cools off water the most by trying out this experiment.


Tap water

Measuring cup


Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Citric acid (sour salt)

Potassium chloride (Morton Lite)

Sodium carbonate (washing soda)

Calcium chloride (deicer)


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