Solving local and global problems with organic chemicals
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Biology , Chemistry , Entrepreneurship , Environmental Studies , Health , Leadership , Working With Others
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Grade / Year 12

Hi, I'm a high school chemistry and biology teacher at Kipling CI, Etobicoke, Canada. This year I'd like try out a new approach of teaching organic chemistry unit in the grade 12. I'd like students to ask their own inquiry questions fuelled by their interests around an organic molecule or a class of them. They then analyze the pros and cons surrounding such molecules. They would then propose a solution or a safer alternative product to address the problems they've identified. To foster entrepreneurship, they would create a do a market survey, design their product, make a sale pitch and defend their product. They can even take it further to market the product to the community to fundraise for the causes that they believe in. Even better if they can use that fund towards initiatives that lessen the impact of the molecule(s) they chose to research about. 

I want the students to immerse in this inquiry project to hone their creativity, inquiry, and entrepreneurship of the 5 global competencies. 

So far I've introduced organic chemistry with the news around the opioid crisis we're tackling as a society. They got to build the fetanyl molecule and in the process of building it, they learn the drawing conventions. I then teach on a need-to-know basis rather than unloading all content at them.

Please use this link to explore the learning experience I've created (template belongs to the TDSB)

If your class is doing something like this or would like to pursue it, I would love to connect my students with yours. 

Thank you in advance and my email is

Tram Nguyen Pham

  •    Kipling Collegiate Institute

I'm looking forward to collaborate with any grade 12 chemistry classes within or outside of Canada. I like the ideas of a global, borderless classroom.

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