SDEQ for education صديق للتعليم
Related Subjects:
Business Education , Entrepreneurship , Service Learning
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 1 , Grade / Year 2 , Grade / Year 3 , Grade / Year 4 , Pre-school / Junior Kindergarden , Senior Kindergarden
Future Friendly School Values:
  Global Citizenship

SDEQ is smartphone app helping parents in MENA to do an activity with their kids anywhere and anytime without need any additional help, just answer three questions ( the age of kid?, where you are?, How much time you have?) then you can see some activity to do.

These activities are developed by innovative teachers seeking to increase their income

We are engaging parents to develop the education chance for children, and helping teacher to get more in come by innovation in teaching tools

We seek to reduce the cost of education and provide it to every child in the world by achieving the principles of education in the twenty-first century that the child is the center of education and the teacher is facilitator

Helping 100.000 kid to get a good relationship with their parent during doing educational activity together, and helping more 10.000 to get more income

We seek to achieve the principles of education in the twenty-first century

And a lifelong learning principle


We can collaborate to create a new content (activities) for the app

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