Safe Drinking Water in my Community
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Grade / Year 10 , Grade / Year 11 , Grade / Year 12 , Grade / Year 7 , Grade / Year 8 , Grade / Year 9
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  Environmental Stewardship
  Global Citizenship

The department of Chemistry and Physics in Mount Royal University is interested in collaborating on a project with participating schools regarding “Safe Drinking Water in my Community”. Through this “Community Service Learning” project, we will have a group of second year university students send water sample kits to participating schools. Then, students from remote northern communities will gather water samples (data collection) at home and send it back to us for analyzation. Then, Mount Royal students will present their findings collaboratively via technology (e.g Skype, Facetime). The purpose of this research is two-fold: to bring awareness to students in major cities about Safe Drinking Water in First Nations and its’ potential health impacts. Secondly, to engage students from remote north communities to participate in the research with respect of their community and traditional knowledge.


Currently, I am looking for collaborating partner from First Nation Community school in Canada, where students from either Grade 7-12 to obtain water sampling for us from their home.

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