Global Encounter project
Related Subjects:
Environmental Studies
Social Issue:
Target Grade Level(s):
Grade / Year 6
Future Friendly School Values:
  Environmental Stewardship

A global encounter that I find to be of great value for students in today's world would be how human interaction is effecting our eco systems. Each one of us as human beings need to “wake up” and take responsibility for the damages that we have caused, and are causing to our earth. Unfortunately we only have one earth so we all have to take our part to be smarter with how we may be contributing to the bigger problem. Kids in today's environment have been brought up to dispose of everyday items very quickly when they no longer are of use to them. I think here lies an important factor. A few years before I was born baby diapers were made out of cloth and would get sent out to a cleaning service to be washed and returned to your home. If I were to mention this concept to a young adult on the street today I'm sure that the response would be of disgust. Although this process may not be as appealing as a disposable diaper like everyone uses in today's world, this process not only provided jobs but was safer for our environment and eco system. The disposable diapers that many of us use today take up to 200-500 years to decompose. This means that they wouldn't be gone until after your children and grandchildren and great,great,great grandchildren will be gone. And then we sit and wonder why all around the globe we are experiencing the crazy extreme weather conditions that we have had in the recent years. If you think that by making one small change to your daily routine, that it will not make a difference in benefitting our environment you are wrong. If every person around the world made a change to their daily routines such as using a reusable water bottle and/or using a brita jug to re-fill a bottle once a day then roughly 8 billion plastic water bottles will not be used a day. Imagine the numbers we can create by getting together and sharing our voice and making a great impact on our earth.

One way that I could incorporate this global encounter into my classroom with my students wosuch with to find a speaker such as a environmental scientist who can give my students facts and proof of what is negatively happening to our eco system. One scientist who I researched and found was Former world bank chief scientist and now the British government’s scientific advisor on climate change, Bob Watson.

To introduce my global encounter topic lesson to my students I would first give my students an article/reading on the topic for them to read and analyze. We would discuss and share opinions and feelings on the topic after. I would then havthese students come up with two questoons that they find to be of importance to have the our scientist guest speaker answer. We would then skype with the scientist asking him our prepared questions. After the Skype I would have the students fill out a google docs spreadsheet including one of their questions and the answer that was given from our speaker. In addition to the spreadsheet response I would assign a Flipgrid assignment where the students would have to come up with one action that they will propose for themselves to take action with to help our eco system and what benefits it will have on our ecosystem.

I would try and connect with other districts around the country on this global issue and try and have them involved in their towns. I would apply this lesson to sixth graders. I would assess the students by the google docs and the Flipgrid videos.